Blogging Rules

    Recently I have been thinking about my internet space and internet space in general. The internet was a creation that truly had no rules, no system, no borders. Because of that, people exploded. On the online universe they were able to create and communicate instantly, and what do we do when we discover an un-tapped, unfiltered space? We slap some restrictions on it. Let me just go ahead and say, not all restrictions are bad. When moral and ethical boundaries don't exist, things can get scary. 
    So what I am addressing is the restrictions that are placed on us by us. The social and cultural restrictions. The rules that say if I blog, I should focus on only one topic. The rules that say, my blog should look a certain way. That I should always be happy because any other emotion depresses "the audience". I follow a lot of fashion, personal style, and craft blogs. But some of my favorite blogs are the ones that remain un-categorized or the ones that don't subject themselves to these rules. I like knowing that there is a real, live, actual human being on the other side of this screen. Someone who has a range of interests and emotions and who shares those. When personal experiences, especially fear or loss, are suppressed or ignored by the blogger, I feel less connected with them. 
    And maybe connection isn't what everyone is looking for on the internet. Maybe they just want a couple pictures of a cute outfit or an easy craft project. And maybe the blogger doesn't want to share the darker experiences because it doesn't go with the aesthetic of their blog. Not being over-dramatic here, but it does go with the aesthetic of life. I think, online or offline, all people want more. They want the pain, the sorrow, the laughter, the melodrama, the spiritual downfall, the uplifting of hearts. We human beings are all of those things, so why even try to suppress it?
    That being said, some people don't want to express all of their inner workings all over the internet. I would just like to say, there are extremes in every case. Some people share too much and some people close everyone off. Meet me in the middle. But ultimately, it's the decision of the consumer to consume, and it's the decision of the producer to produce. Consume what you want, produce what you want.... I feel like that sounds a bit too corporate, so I will re-phrase: You are an impossibly complex creature, in the best of ways, and what you create is yours and only yours. Share it if you like. I only ask you to ask yourself why some things are the way they are. Are you doing this because you want to, or because you think that's what your "supposed to do"? This is the internet, remember? There are no rules.
    I say all that to say, I have redesigned my space on the internet. I've changed the about page and I've changed my perspective. I've tried to squeeze my space into a round hole and, guess what?, I don't fit. I'm not a style blogger (I'm only semi-good at it, if that) and I'm not a craft blogger. I like style and I like crafts, but I also really like to write. I was so disappointed when I got more comments on the style of an outfit rather than the accompanying text, which was really what I worked hardest on. I felt uncomfortable posting a short story onto my blog because it didn't fit in. I have so many ideas for other writings, but I didn't know how to maintain cohesion, like so many other bloggers have stressed in posts about blogging tips.
    This is my declaration, I'm throwing all of that out of the window. This is no longer a blog, it's my own personal journal. Do you know the relief that overwhelms by just typing that? It's astonishing! I can write short stories or write about how we navigate social media in times of grief and celebration, I can write about my horrible poetry, and maybe even some Doctor Who fanfiction (don't judge)... no boundaries. It's like being a baby and not even comprehending that there are rules.

Maybe cohesion and a more "focused" blog would have made success (page views) more readily available, but man, fulfillment is worth so much more. My name is Shelby and this is my journal, Acquiring the Taste, where opinions are given and voices are heard.


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