Photo Post: Maggie and Gizmo

    Sometimes I look at these puppies and the idea that they are another species doesn't dawn on me. They seem so human-like. Am I projecting humanness onto them or are they human-like because of domestication? Is it more related to their ancestors? I mean, their parents and their parent's parents were probably all pets. So because their ancestors have lived by the side of humans for so long, are they then more human-like? It's so strange when I am overcome by realization. These are dogs. I can hardly believe it. Am I  the strange one? Of course, they are dogs! What is it then, that makes them so much more? Is it the way they act or the way I perceive them? I'm sure it is a combination of their pasts and my own projections.

   I feel, though, that there is another link. What about my ancestry? Were my ancestors connected to animals in such a way? Or, perhaps, there is a need in me to care for beings, whether they are human beings or dog beings. Am I connected to all living things in such a way? Do I cry when a flower dies? When a tree is torn down? When, in winter, the green is sucked away? Is there such a thing as being connected to other living beings because I am a living being? Being simply means living. The world is alive and am I alive. Are we connected by being? 

I believe so. 


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