Outfit # 17: Preserve the Balance

   I've had this character stuck in my head for a while now. The character could easily be seen as evil, but because of her back story the audience can't help but sympathize with her. Similar to The Bride from Kill Bill. That character seeped out of my grey matter and into this outfit. She's powerful, manipulative, bold, colorful yet dark, misinterpreted, SEEKING REVENGE... or something like that. I need to write this character down, while she's still kicking in my brain. 
 Speaking of evil, while she has been invading my thoughts, so has this illustration that strings together many of the quotes by Hayao Miyazaki. Why is good and evil, in stories, portrayed by two different characters? Good and evil is inside us all, and it is up to us to "preserve the balance" within ourselves and around us. Really horrible things happen, so people help. People are in need, so people reach out to them. People can't reach the Special K on the top shelf, someone comes along to graciously grab that cereal. Small evils and big evils need to be counter-balanced by small good and big good. Evil will never go away, it will never vanish, so goodness should never go away, and goodness should never vanish.
How do you feel about good and evil?


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