Existential Metamorphosis

    Two birds met. Two birds flew. Two birds fell in love. Two birds had baby birds. The baby birds were tucked and nestled in a nest, high up in the sky. The baby birds came out of their eggs and felt sunlight on their tiny brown feathers for the first time. The called for mother. Mother came and cared for her baby birds. The baby birds became strong in there little nest. Father and Mother decided it was the baby bird's time to fly. To feel wind carry their bodies. To really feel the strength in their wings. The baby birds lined up to jump, to fly, for the first time. The last baby bird hesitated at the edge of the nest. She moved fer little feet back and forth and looked at Mother and Father. I'm scared, she thought. Father stood behind the little bird and encouraged her forward. And she fell. She fell and her eyes were shut and doubt filled her mind and she was scared. As her body hurtled to the ground, the wind snatched her feathers. Feathers drifted above her, off of her. She lost all of her feathers and hit the ground.
    When she opened her eyes, she called for Mama. A woman came. A human woman came. The woman said that she had been found on the ground naked and hurt. She said she was here to help, that she got her clothes and food and dressed her wounds. The girl cried. She looked at her arms and legs and belly and saw no feathers, only skin. She cried more. The woman tried to help her, but she couldn't. The girl cried until tears would no longer come. She was in a small room with a small window. She lifted herself off the bed and stumbled to the window. Outside the sun shined and the wind blew and the trees rustled. She sat, watching her world, mourning the loss of what she knew to be her life. 
    The girl made a mask. She use old twine and built a mask of herself. What she knew was herself, her inner self, her true self. She made her mask and wore it. She went out into the forest and roamed among the trees looking all around for Mother or Father. She looked high in the trees. She climbed to the tops and frantically search. Her neck would ache from craning towards the sky. After many days of searching and mourning, she finally looked down. Around her feet were feathers. Little feathers.
 She studied the feathers and knew they were hers. She closed her eyes. She thought about all that she could have been and could have done. She could have flown. She could have felt her wings propel her through the air. She could have settled in the tops of trees. She could have flown with Mother and Father by her side... She opened her eyes. She took off her mask. She wanted to cry, but she decided to be strong and unafraid. She decided to be strong.  
    She knew that whatever she was before was not who she was now. Her life was changed, her destiny was changed. At one moment she was meant to soar above the earth, then at the next she was meant to keep her feet on the ground. This was the moment she accepted her fate. She looked around for the first time without wearing her mask. And she saw the whole world. The whole beautiful, complicated world. She saw it all, she finally saw everything. And then she saw a bird. A bird flew to her and around her and she chased it with her eyes and twirled in circles following the bird. And she smiled. And the bird flew away.
And she knew.


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