DIY Style: Fringe Tee

I was inspired by this diy post for a fringe shirt. I wanted to make something similar even though I didn't have the tools she was using. I also tie-dyed my shirt first, so it would look more hippie and have more visual interest. Because, you know, fringe isn't enough! So this was my method:

  1. Put on your shirt and determine how much you want to cut off the bottom for the fringe. I marked mine with a bright pink highlighter. Then pin across the shirt if you are nervous about cutting a straight line without a guide (like me). 
  2. Cut off pinned portion of shirt.
  3. Now the bottom of the shirt will be a big loop, cut up both sides of the loop. Once cut, you will have two long strips. Cut both strips in half. You should have four medium length strips.
  4. Cut up those strips to make several thin strips. This is your fringe!

  1. Pin up, through the shoulder, so the pin enters on one side of the hem and goes out the other. Pinning here helps you to determine spacing for fringe. I didn't measure or anything, just eye-balled it.
  2. Remove first pin and cut a hole were that pin entered and exited the shirt. Feed one of your shirt strips through both of the holes.
  3. Repeat step two until all pins are replaced with shirt strips.
  4. Tie both sides of the strips together, so they will stay in place.
  5. Repeat previous steps on the other shoulder.
Bonus fringe: I cut up the sleeves. No special technique, I just cut them up

    And that's how I made my fringe tee. It's a little rough, but I like it. I feel like I need to go to some summer concerts with this shirt... I'm still undecided what to do with the hem. I thought of doing mini-fringe across the bottom...? I also originally planned to bead the fringe. I'm still tempted to. I would walk around sounding like a human maraca. That'd be pretty cool. What do you think?


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