DIY Makeup Brush Jar

What you need:
  • clean pickle jar
  • tissue paper
  • mod podge
  • old paint brush
  • scissors

  1. Cut up tissue paper into an assortment of shapes. 
  2. Keep shapes safe in a bowl, Harry Potter bowl not mandatory, but recommended.
  3. Use paint brush to apply a thin layer of mod podge to jar and apply shapes.
  4. Continue to apply shapes, and work around the stickers. 
  5. Let dry.
  6. Pickle jars are deeper than my makeup brushes are tall, so I added a good layer of dyed rice on the bottom.
  7. Dye rice with food coloring and let dry. I also added some essential oil, so my jar would smell nice. 

   Doesn't that look cute? It's a major upgrade from my old makeup brush holder. My old one was a potato can... what? It's recycling! Anyway, if your wondering about a pickle smell, there wasn't one unless I kept the lid on, then it got real stanky up in there. But while the lid is off, and because I added a little splash of essential oil, it smells AMAZING. 

Stay tuned, tomorrow I'll share a recipe I used to clean my makeup brushes.


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