DIY: Make-up Brush Cleaner

   The brush cleaner recipe and steps are from here. I'll reiterate them, but go ahead and check out that post because it has even more tips on keeping your brushes clean!

2 parts dish-washing liquid (or baby shampoo) and 1 part olive oil (I used table spoons)

  1. Mix dish-washing liquid, olive oil and a little bit of water on a plate.
  2. Gently swish brush bristles around on plate. 
  3. Take brush under running water (always have brush pointing down) and work up lather. 
  4. Rinse well with water and gently squeeze excess water out without pulling the bristles. 
  5. Air dry with bristles pointing down. If water gets where the the bristles are glued, the glue will loosen and the bristles will fall out. 

   I wasn't too convinced that it was working that well until I cleaned my white brush... and DANG. I did not think it was going to wash it out completely. But. it. did. I'm so glad. My brushes were in desperate need of cleaning. I also used that time to filter out the weaklings. If the brush couldn't make it through cleaning without losing bristles, then it didn't deserve to caress this face, ya heard?  Now I have nice, clean, strong brushes.


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