DIY Textured Nail: From Another Planet

   I've been eyeing the dryer sheets for a while. They have an awesome web look about them and I wanted that on my nails. Originally, I was going to hold the dryer sheet over my nail and then paint, but that's complicated (for me) without a third hand, so I had to re-calibrate. While the outcome wasn't my original concept, I really liked how they came out. It makes me think of the surface of a foreign planet. Where everyone is fabulous... um, anyway, here's how you do this:

You need:
  • Two different nail polishes (any color, get crazy!)
  • A worn dryer sheet
What I used:
  • Sinful Colors Brand - Nirvana 
    • Base coat
  • Milan - Signature Gold
    • Top coat

Step 1: Paint base coat and let dry
Step 2: Paint second coat
Step 3: Immediately stretch dryer sheet over nail until top coat of polish seeps through completely 
Step 4: Let dry

   This method leaves a texture, which you may or may not want to put clear nail polish over. I didn't because I like the texture. I think it actually looks like plastic. I'm digging it, but I want to try lighter colors. I am a big fan of textured nails (most of my tutorials for nails are textured) just because they're not supposed to look like anything, so nobody knows if you messed up! And they're easy to touch up.  

   A special thanks to the 1965 edition of the Young People's Science Dictionary for being the background in these pictures. Your illustrations are fascinating, your worn pages inspire hidden nostalgia, and you smell like 1965. It has been an honor working with you.


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