An Appreciation: Video Games

   Video games. They have been in my life since I was born. No joke, my mom was always into a new computer game and getting addicted to whatever my brother was playing on playstation. Out of the three of us, I was definitely the worst player. In Resident Evil I often remember walking into that one room where the ceiling comes down and crushes whoever is unfortunate enough to be there. The first couple of times I went in on accident, but then I started going in because I was getting bored of zombies or I was too freaked out to go and look for them. 
   Then there was Lara Croft Tomb Raider. Talk about the coolest title for a game ever. And WOMAN EMPOWERMENT. Even if her proportions are a bit out of whack. Or totally out of whack. But still. When I played I mostly hung out at the mansion. I also remember accidently drowning her. I thought the underwater scenes were so cool!  ...Like I said, I wasn't a very good game player. I remember doing a lot more watching than playing. It was for the best.

Other games that need mentioning:
  • Spyro! You get to be a purple dragon and crush toad people!!!  
  • Crash Bandicoot and Aku Aku. I loved Crash and Aku Aku. That was probably one of the most addicting games I ever played. ABOOGA BOOGA.
  • Motor Toon Grand Prix. A racing game with the best courses ever. (like the haunted mansion and the candy, oversized mansion place)

   My favorite games are games with virtually no story line. I used to have a Barbie Secret Agent computer game, and I never even finished it because I was so tired of caring about the story line. I feel like that makes me sound evil or something, but I do not need to become emotionally attached to a video game! I already have characters in books, movies, and television shows to care about. I'm stretched too thin emotionally as it is! 
   Tetris and Galaga are two of my favorite games ever. Mostly because I have them both for Game Boy. Which I still play. Tetris at least requires some mental power, especially when it gets close to the end and there's a lot of pressure on you and that music is both getting on your nerves and getting you pumped and WHAA-WHAA-WHAAAAA... you just lost. Galaga also gets pretty high pressure once you get to some of the higher levels. I always die in that game in a heat of panic and fury.

I just realized that Galaga is kind of like the game in Ender's Game
What if I have been defeating alien races this whole time?!? *mind explodes*

In celebration of video games, here are some of my favorite online games:

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What's your favorite video game?


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