Outfit # 14: Chill Kids

Spent this past weekend chilling with the fams. We watched Argo and ate good food and had some laughs. Shaun spent most of his time trying to beat the record for most episodes of Full Metal Alchemist watched in a day. Mom and I computed like the internet was going to vanish at any moment. The puppies basked in copious amount of cuddles, snuggles, and treats. Pretty chill, pretty good weekend. 

I got this AMAZING shirt from g4tsby tees. There are also shirts referencing The Hunger Games, Looking for Alaska, and The Fault in Our Stars. Check it out and make all your friends totally jealous of your wit/style/general awesomeness. 

Photos of me by Shaun, photos of Shaun by me. I had a real difficult time not laughing and not making faces throughout this "photo shoot". Shaun, on the other hand,  looks like a model from a Nordstrom catalog. Darn you, brother! Anyway, it was fun and I had to get pictures of this shirt. I had been pining over it for months and decided to treat myself.  #noregrets


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