Outfit # 11

   My perspective feels like it has taken a shift. A good shift. I've been feeling like I really can do anything. That sounds kinda like it should elicit a, "Well, duh!" But sometimes it takes a while before that feeling sets in. There are so many things I want to do and I want to give 100% to all those things. And I will. I want to love what I do and work with people who love what they do.
   While taking these pictures I took a couple of silly shots... and by silly I mean embarrassing. I had a lot of fun laughing at myself. I had fun playing with the puppies too. Overall, good day.

Sock and Shoe appreciation

   I went through a dyeing phase, and this shirt was one of the victims. I thrifted it locally. It was originally a soft tan color. It was a good volunteer for dyeing because it had a huge like grease stain on it, too bad for the original owner cause this shirt is amazingly soft. I didn't use any special dyeing techniques to get this water color look, just followed the instructions. The result probably has to do something with the materials it was made from. The shirt is 75% polynosic and 25% polyester.

This cat visited me while I was outside.


And just so he's not left out: Gizmo
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How have you been?


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