What I've been making lately...

Regular DIY posts have been minimal because I've been looming! The first thing I made was a scarf, then a hat (which turned out to be sized for a baby), and then a hat that could actually be worn. I was kind of uncertain if I would like looming. My uncertainty stemmed from the inability to crochet despite my Mom's teaching. It turns out that looming is really easy. I like projects that require repetitive steps... Maybe I should rephrase and say that I like projects with a rhythm. Yeah, a rhythm.

It gives you a real feeling of accomplishment when you finish a project, any project. Creating things helps me see and understand more fully what we're all capable of. We can create the most beautiful and interesting things. This is just a hat, but I made it. Mona Lisa is just a painting, the Four Seasons is just music. While I'm not da Vinci or Vivaldi, I am a living and breathing human, just as they were living and breathing humans.

That gives me a lot of hope. It gives me a lot of inspiration. I can literally do anything. If I can do anything, you can do anything. 


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