Outfit #8: This was yesterday

Not gonna lie to you guys, this is kind of a filler post. I spent most of my time today working on a new project, which I'll be posting soooon! I'm pretty uncertain if it will work out the way I would like it to, but I'll use it for other purposes if it doesn't go as planned.

As for this outfit, I question if it's even worth documenting, but then I look at that sweater and I'm just like YES IT IS. This sweater is easily one of the weirdest/coolest things I've thrifted. I mean, check out those sagging armpits. Maybe it's like that because I cut out the shoulder pads. I'll give you a moment to question whether or not I should have cut out shoulder pads, but just hear me out... they were sad, sad shoulder pads. Another quirk of this sweater is that it consistently stays like 6 degrees warmer than the surrounding environment. I was about to roast today. (Why is it 68 degrees outside anyway?). This is definitely a comfort outfit. Nothing wrong with those, just saying.

I'm still getting used to my camera. And I hate saying that. The camera I had before was old and as it got older the performance was slow, practically unresponsive. (I feel like I should inject some dirty joke here, but I'll just let you think of one.) I'm really happy to have this camera, but I feel like such a novice. I HATE THAT. I knew my old camera in and out, even if there wasn't much to learn about it. I knew how to get the shots I wanted, I knew how to make magic with that thing. But now I'm constantly bookmarking photography pro tip websites.
Everyday I'm getting better, more educated. 
One day I will be a beast with this camera, until then I'll just have to be patient, DANG IT. 


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