Bro and Sis Photo Shoot

The day before Christmas Eve my brother and I went downtown to take pictures. The picture above is inspired by Dear Photograph. One of my grandparents snapped that picture. That was before I was born.

And now here we are together, being silly. I love my family.
I hope you have love and caring and laughter in your home. If you don't, seek it out.
Love wants to find us all.

The mural above was on a boarded up building, but now they are restoring it. The painting sits inside neglected. I hope they don't just through it out. My bro and I had discussion on who to contact to know of its fate. One of us would take it. Even though we don't have anywhere to put it. It is so neat and strange.  

This was my first time taking pictures of someone purposefully. Usually I just capture random candid moments. My bro kept trying to coach me, "Tell me what to do! I don't know what to do! Direct me!" I was mostly like, "Uh, do something!" It was pretty sad. Good thing I have family around to experiment on.
You can go through all the images on my Flickr photostream.
Holiday pictures are coming up, so stay tuned!


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