Outfit # 6: Sweater Weather

The Cosby sweaters are making their first appearance this season. Sweaters are really like a blanket you can wear... Okay, maybe that sounded a little stupid. I mean that they are SO COMFY. The level of comfort I experienced today is usually reserved for peaceful mid-day naps.

I wore this to the first day back at school after the holidays. Mostly to cover that post-turkey belly. lol. Just kidding, it's more like a post turkey, stuffing, green beans, mac'n cheese, gravy, red velvet cake belly. I am blessed, and not with just with amazing food, but also with an amazing family to share it with. My family feels like this big bubble of love that nothing can pop. I wish everyone could experience this love and family feeling.
I hope you have had a good Thanksgiving, and if you don't or have already celebrat(ed) it, then I hope you've had a peaceful day.

Dress/Sweater/Necklace-Gifts, Boot-The Shoe Department

Our mantle is decorated!

Be safe and count your blessings. 


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