Outfit # 5: Music

I had to give a persuasive speech in my public speaking class and this is what I wore. The dress if from JC Penney and the boots are old, but I think I got them from the shoe department. The necklace was a gift. Do you ever put something on and feel awesome? That's how I felt that day. Except that I'm constantly paranoid about  my dress raising up and flashing people. Oh the joys of dresses. My mom told me that the Queen had all of her dresses weighted so they wouldn't fly up.

This outfit post is kind of all over the place. And I still don't think I've mastered focusing outfit pictures. *SIGH*

I didn't take very many pictures this time, so to make up for it here is a playlist for your listening pleasure... that is, if you like these songs. Give 'em a try and see!

If you have some song suggestions let me know in the comments!


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