Color: Inside and Out

This whole past week or so I've been cleaning and reorganizing and rearranging my bedroom. This has left a total of zero seconds to make things. I was able to capture some moments though. The Dogwood in our backyard is fully red and looking beautiful. Bright and vibrant in a dull colorless backyard. 

This is Max, our neighbor. He's incredibly sweet and loves to be petted. 

This is my bedroom now. I'm so proud of how it turned out. I let go of a lot of things, which felt nice. My floor is opened up for all sorts of projects. I debated on whether or not to post these images. Mostly because I feel like it could be interpreted as, "Look at all the things I have!" I don't mean it in that way. This is my space and I like to share. In some ways it's very intimate, you know? I'm a keeper of things. The things I've kept or collected are important to me. Their importance isn't related to how much they're worth, it relates to the story they tell.


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