Art Sunday: Window Watching by Michael Wolf

Artists website

These images by Michael Wolf are stunning. I first saw them in a post by Unknown Editors.
It's interesting to see people in their environments because by seeing how they surround themselves you essentially see them. I keep questioning whether or not these photos are an invasion of privacy, but then I remind myself that when I pass through neighborhoods at night I often glance into lit windows. I'm not trying to be invasive when doing this, I guess I'm just curious. So when I question the ethics of this series I also ask myself, "Is it wrong to take a picture of someone unknowingly? Then sharing it online for millions to see? Of your private space? Did he ask those he photographed if he could share them? Probably not." Maybe this questioning is meant to be
conjured when viewing.
I also wonder about the people. How would they react to seeing themselves photographed in their homes on a website? And in the moment they were captured through image, were they happy? What are they thinking? I feel concerned and interested in these people.

One of the most thought provoking series I've seen in a while.
Please go and look at the artist's website.

Tell me what you think of this series. Is it too invasive? Is it genius? How do you interpret it?
Let me know in the comments, let's chat.


  1. I don't think its a privacy issue but if I saw a picture of me unknowingly taken it would freak me out. It would be interesting see the reactions of these people when if they come across this...

    1. I agree. I wonder what they would say. And by the way, I really love your blog! Thanks for commenting!


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