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NEW ADDICTION YOU GUYS. A friend of mine recommended watching this video on how to make a ghost plushie. So I did. AND NOW I CAN'T STOP. It's so fun making your own creatures. I've made all of these using felt, thread, and a needle. Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy. 

Fish plushie was the first to appear. To make him I drew out a template on notebook paper, cut it out, pinned it to two layers of felt, drew the outline, back-stitched across the line, left an opening, turned it inside out, stuffed it, closed opening, and added button eyes. SEE YOU GUYS, this craft is so easy it can be explained in ONE sentence. 

THERE'S A GHOST HAUNTING MY PURSES. Oh, just kidding, that's just ghost plushie! Precious right? Of course ghost plushie was inspired by all things October, but mostly Halloween. 

This is the unfinished project currently titled "Felt Doll". A more appropriate title will be made when "Felt Doll" is a completed project. As of now, she's looking a bit creepy without arms, legs, and clothes. 


This post is brought to you by CAPS LOCK. CAPS LOCK is there for all you emphasizing needs. Just kidding. But for real, I know this wasn't a very comprehensive DIY, but this is where I've gained the most inspiration, especially concerning the felt doll. 

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