Saying goodbye to Summer and hello to Fall

Both of my Mom's thumbs are green. That is to say, she really enjoys planting. We (my brother and I) have always grown up with fresh flowers and lush green plants around the house. I've always enjoyed helping my Mom with planting new things and taking care of the old, classic plants. What I mean is, we have peace lilies from my great-grandmothers funeral. My Mom originally had two, but she's been able to break them up over time into eight different pots. EIGHT DIFFERENT POTS. 

I think the best part of planting for me is digging my fingers into a big pot of fresh soil. The smell and feeling of rich, black dirt between my fingers feels like summer. I've just been thinking about summer since we've transitioned into fall. I'm glad the heat will be gone for awhile and I look forward to cold nights and crisp mornings. 

Most of these flowers won't make it through winter and all of our green plants, like the peace lilies, will have to come inside. When all of the plants are inside the house fills full. Especially when Christmas decorations come out and the tree is up. Our house will be full and crowded and happy. 

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