Outfit # 3

Hurricane Sandy is even affecting us down in Georgia! It is super windy here. Seeing the coverage of the damage that Sandy caused is heartbreaking. I have nightmares that my house is about to be destroyed,  but for it to actually happen... I can't and I don't want to imagine it. All I know is that people are strong. In times of disaster you usually hear one of two stories: 1) Looting, stealing,  and all the other vices of human nature and 2) The kindness and faith and resilience that we are all capable of.

Outfit Details: Dress/Sweater- Old Navy, Tights- K-Mart, Boots- The Shoe Department, Necklace- Thrifted, Belt- Gift
So about this ensemble. I have had this dress for a long while. The poor thing is looking kind of rough, but I fell in love with it when I first tried it on. I knew it was the one. I probably wore it once a week for three months after buying it. I had the same experience with the sweater. So much comfort!

I got these boots for five dollars, they were originally thirty. It pays to buy footwear in the off season. Sure, it was the middle of summer when I bought them and I probably looked a little crazy... CRAZY ABOUT SAVINGS.

I got this necklace from a local indoor flea market called The Treasure Store. I love that place. This necklace is like a little artwork for your neck. I had one girl tell me that from far away it looked like somebody watering a taco. 

Maggie kisses. 

Gizmo looks like he's scowling.

I'm excited about the cooler weather. Mom is talking about lighting up a fire tomorrow so our house will stay warm while we give out candy to cute kids. Plus we both have sweet Halloween shirts. Ya'll have a Happy Halloween, may it be filled with candy and costumes and laughter and fun!

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