Outfit # 2

Gosh, I don't know about where you're living, but it's still pretty warm here in Georgia! I was roasting while taking these. It is cooling down though, and I'm thankful. I'm ready for scarves, my pea coat, sweater dresses, and boots.

Today I watched Shakespeare High and it made me really miss acting. I miss pretending to be another person. My favorite role I had in high school was when I played Lady Macbeth. That was the one role that I let go and went crazy. I still remember my favorite line:
"Tis the eye of a child that fears a painted devil."
For a while in high school I thought that acting was my dream profession. I soon realized that the acting wasn't making me happiest and that I'd rather be behind the scenes. Although, I wouldn't mind acting some for fun here and there. I'm thinking about trying out the local community theatre group. That may lead to some other opportunities. I could give it a shot. 

Anyway, I really love this outfit. I think it's because I can sit criss-cross and not have to worry about flashing anyone. The skirt is really good for twirling too. This is a good representation of my style, I think. Mostly because I wear a lot of earth tones. And skirts. 

Outfit Details: 
Top/Skirt- Bealls, Cardigan- Don't remember!, Purse- Goody's, Necklace- From a local dollar store that went out of business, Bracelet- Handmade. Make your own!, Shoes- The Shoe Department, Belt- Don't remember!

PS: I have a new Halloween decoration DIY that I'll be posting tomorrow! So stay tuned! You can follow through Blogger (on the right sidebar) or Bloglovin or by e-mail so you can stay updated on new posts!


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