Outfit # 1

Outfit Details: Scarf/Shirt- gifts Skirt- thrifted Flats- The Shoe Department Ring- Belk Belt- I've had it for a loooong time
I recently got a new camera. The first thing I did was throw on one of my favorite outfits for and outfit post! This outfit is perfect for fall. The skirt is made from a heavy material, so it's warmer than you'd expect.The same goes for the top. I kind of get a fifties soda shop feel when wearing this. I think those vibes are coming from the blue and white stripes on my skirt. 

This scarf was a graduation present and I really like it! It's nice and light weight and bright. It adds pizzazz to an otherwise mostly chromatic outfit. 

I plan on doing more outfit posts! Hopefully I'll start being more creative with my clothing again. Lately I've been bumming in shorts and shirts and hair in a high bun. Oh well- I'm allowed some lazy clothing spells, right? I have been having mental blocks on clothes, now I have to get myself together! 

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