Last Minute: Halloween Pumpkins!

I really love Halloween. To me it's just a fun, happy holiday. I would really like to be one of those people that turns their house into a mini haunted house that trick-or-treaters could walk through. Or maybe I just want live out my favorite Roseanne Halloween episode. Either way, these feather rimmed pumpkins will add some pizzazz to the front porch. Maybe over the next couple of years my skill will multiply and work it's way into the house.
Enough of the talk, let's get spooky.
Here's what you'll need:
  • Two plastic one dollar pumpkins
  • Feather trim, at least six feet long
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun 

Posing with supplies!
Get that hot glue gun heated up and remove the feathers from their bag. Be sure to keep the bag, so you can stuff left over feathers back in for safe keeping. 

The feather trim has this little yarn loop at the end, use that for your first gluing. Glue the end of the trim where the handle connects to the pumpkin, so you have a solid starting point. I didn't do a continuous trail of hot glue. I glued where the handle is, half-way between where handles connect, the other side where the handle connects, half-way again, and back to the starting point.   Be sure to press firmly on the feathers where the hot glue is for security.

You can hang them in your trees, set them on the front porch, or use them inside!

On Halloween we're going to hang them on the front porch and put tea light candles in them and see how they glow. This was super easy, right? I really like how they look. The feathers add interest and it kind of looks like they have hair. 

I have a couple more Halloween decor DIYs coming up, so stay tuned! You can follow through Blogger (on the right sidebar) or Bloglovin or by e-mail so you can stay updated on new posts!


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