Jewelry Week: Perler Bead Butterfly Necklace

It is jewelry week!

This is a pretty unique jewelry piece. It was very easy to make, although a bit tedious. It'll definitely add a little *WAH-BAM* to your outfit.

What you need:
  • Butterfly shaped peg board
  • perler beads
  • iron
  • adhesive felt
  • chain and clasp
Perler bead peg boards can be found at Wal*Mart or another craft supply store. Here is a pack online that comes with seven different shapes including the butterfly.

  1. Place beads onto peg board into any design you would like, with any color scheme. Get creative and do your thing!
  2. Iron, iron, iron. Following the instructions that come with the beads.
  3. I decided to back my butterfly with adhesive felt. I actually made this a while back, but I accidently hit it and one of the wings broke apart. After Frankenstein-ing it back together by re-ironing it I  attached  the adhesive felt and cut-off excess. It adds a bit more durability.
  4. The top corners of the wings is where I attached the jump rings and chain. While ironing my holes closed up, so what I did was heat a pin over a candle and used it to re-open the holes. 
  5. Attach all together, adding the clasp. I used a lobster claw clasp. 

Go ahead and rock your new necklace and make all the other ladies jealous!
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  1. Zapata Abraham
    Thanks for sharing this information its really nice.

    1. Thank you very much! Your comment made this day a good one!

  2. It looking so beautiful! The butterfly can't only fly but stay with us too. Loved your beading idea for butterfly and the second picture makes me so wondered because though I can see her hair style but seems so beautiful too.

    1. That's a very sweet outlook on the butterfly. I really liked the way you put that into words. And thank you for your comment! It was a joy to read!


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