Industrial Nails DIY

I just recently cut all of my nails back. I think they look weird short without paint, but that's probably just me. Luckily I've become kind of addicted to finding new nail DIYs. I love these messy tutorials. Most nail designs are a bit too intricate and intense for me. I want something interesting, easy to re-touch, and playful.

So here's how it is done:

Step 1: Base coat. I used Pure Ice's Scream!. I really love this color. It is one of my favorite polishes. And it isn't expensive. So pick your favorite color and paint away!

A tip for decreasing drying time:
Ice water: place nails in ice water after painting and it will harden and dry faster. It works really well, but I can't keep my fingers in cold water for long amounts of time with continuous complaining about freezing fingers.

Step 2: Grab a plastic, cheap sandwich bag. We have the great value brand that comes in a pack of 150. But, if all you have are ziplocs, DON'T USE THEM! That's just wasteful, so grab some plastic wrap and crumple it up. Then paint the crumpled parts your second color of choice. I used Pure Ice's Platinum.

Step 3: Dab onto nail. This is where it gets messy. But doesn't it create a really cool texture? I love this style.

Just finish up with a clear top coat, just to ensure it will last.
The Result:

I got this tutorial from The Beauty Department! Check out their site, there are TONS of nail tutorials.
Try it yourself! 


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