Braided Clay Bracelet

I've seen dozens of polymer clay tutorials and I want to try EVERY SINGLE ONE. In my town we don't have a craft store, unless you count Wal*Mart. When my Mom and I go out of town we always load up on craft projects. The last time we went I got a big pack of Polymer Clay.
This is one of my most recent projects!

Step 1: Roll out three even strips of polymer clay. Pick any colors! I wanted to keep it mostly in earth tones because that's the color scheme of the majority of my wardrobe. **To know how long the strips should be, wrap the strip around a bracelet or around you wrist.**
Step 2: Have your three strips lying side-by-side and smoosh one end together so all three are attached.
Step 3: Braid! Then wrap around and connect by smooshing the two ends together.
Step 4: Follow baking instructions.

I'm still a newbie at Polymer Clay molding, so my ends look a crazy, hot mess.
But that's okay, nobody has to see that.


I got this awesome tutorial from here. Her blog rocks, there are so many clay tutorial and she provides step-by-step pictures. 
Do you do a lot of polymer clay projects? If so what is your favorite? 


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