Perler Bead Bows!

So these are some really neat perler bead bows. If you're not familiar with perler beads they are small cylinder-shaped plastic beads that you lay out onto a peg board and then iron over so they'll melt! I know at some stores they are called "melty beads". I remember making things from these when I was kid, so its awesome now to work with them because I can be more risky and creative and I have more ideas. 

Unfortunately the bow shape was not my idea, but it is still VERY cute and very easy to make. Here's where I first saw this idea. I loved her creations! 
***The only extra thing that I'd probably recommend is backing the beads. It you're going to give it to a child, you want to know that thing isn't going to fall apart. The way I back my melty bead crafts is by using adhesive felt. I got mine at Wal*Mart. I just stuck a square piece of felt to my creation and cut off the excess. That way I know it won't (or shouldn't) go to bits.***

I forgot to do that to these... ah, well maybe these are small enough that I won't have to worry about it.

I just bought some clips from Wal*Mart and E-6000 them on. E-6000 is the glue of champs.

I actually got this adjustable ring from my collection of broken jewelry. And... more E-6000.
If you want to try out some melty bead crafts, here is some inspiration! With links!

Bow Template
Hello, whimsy bows!

8 bit bow tie
8-bit Bow Tie


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