How to: fail at a DIY but still make something cool

So I found this tutorial online for dyeing t-shirts. (BUT I CAN'T FIND IT NOW...) And, I love to dye stuff for no good reason.
Here's the breakdown for this DIY:

  1. Buy Shirt, Rit Dye, Glue Gel
  2. Use the glue gel (Make sure it says GEL!)
  3. "Draw" a design on the shirt with the gel glue

School Glue Gel
4. Let it dry over night, put something in between the shirt so the glue doesn't seep through
5. Now it's time to dye! Put the shirt in the RIT dye.
And then you should have an awesome dyed shirt!
But... I didn't do this right.
I used this glue...
School Glue - Clear
Wal*Mart didn't have gel glue, so my shirt design came out faded and lame.

It was supposed to be flowers... 
So I thought for a moment. I couldn't be seen in a lame shirt like this. facepalm.
I have fabric paint. Always the answer.
I went on line looking for simple silhouettes... AND found an awesome one! I printed the picture out and used an exacto knife to cut it all out. Then, I just sponged the paint on!


My flash makes the awkward dyeing really obvious, but in person, it totally isn't obvious!
So now, I have a super sweet custom shirt, that isn't lame.


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