5 Facts

  1. In many ways I find animals more human-like than most humans. 
  2. I want to visit the Blue Whale in Nebraska. After hearing the story about it, visiting that big blue wooden whale would be awesome
    [61 Rte 66 Blue Whale Catoosa OK[2].jpg]
    from here
  1. I love to travel. And, I mean LOVE. I'd love to do a cross-country road trip. I find riding in a vehicle at 70 miles per hour to be super comforting.
  2. I have really long nails, and no, they're not fake. Although I have had people try to rip them off before.
  3. I don't have any permanent scars. This makes me sad. No cool falling out of trees stories, even though I have done that. I'm just thick-skinned I guess.


  1. Oh my god! My friend tried doing the same exact thing this one time I grew my nails out super long. She thought they were fake -_-
    I wanna visit that wooden whale, too! o.o

  2. Geez! Don't you hate that!
    Yeah, the wooden whale is pretty sweet.


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