To have great poets there must be great audiences too. (Walt Whitman)

The Mask of Potential

I wear a mask hoping you would never see,
not just a reflection but what's left of me
A girl that's been rejected and a battle that's she has never won
and the only way out is saying that's she's done

She has been let down and told that she was wrong,
and the only perseverance she has is staying strong

She's afraid she's losing her fight, so she is holding back the tears, she wants to give up but losing is her greatest fear

There so much she has to live for and so much left to see, and if you know her potential you'll know this girl was me

by Sonia


If I were free,
like a bird in the sky,
could I fly with ease?
If I were a fish,
deep within the sea,
would I be free of all my worries?

If I were a lion,
stalking my prey,
would I fear none?
If I were a saint,
Up in the mountains,
Would I be free of all my sins?

If I were god,
Up in the heavens,
Would I guide everyone?
If I were a devil,
Roaming idle minds,
Could I harm everyone?

If I were dead,
Hugged by the earth,
Is this the end?
If I were a man,
Born to live and to let live,
Would I be great?

But I am the soul,
The essence of life,
Does it matter,
If I am a dog, cat or a man?

I am the soul,
So see not my surface,
For I am within...
by Dipanjan Das


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