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3/28/2018: Business is blooming at Belle’s Flower Truck
3/2018: COVER STORY // Little Hippie Chick and For the Love of Mud for Tifton Scene
3/21/2018: Chickens go wild at Fitzgerald festival
3/14/2018: Community Care Day connects services, organizations with residents
3/8/2018: ABAC Pegasus and Plough Gallery deliver storytelling straight ‘From the Horse’s Mouth’
3/3/2018: Photographer Shippey hosts final show
2/19/2018: Little Hippie Chick brings music festival vibe to downtown Tifton
2/8/2018: ‘For the Love of Mud’ opens at GMA gallery
1/26/2018: Mouth Water in Elbow Grease Opens in Plough Gallery
1/13/2018: Community Builds New Playground at Len Lastinger


2/8/2017: Local poets, musicians seize the mic - Story, photos and video
3/1/2017: Coffe shop supports local artists for the Tifton Gazette - Story, photos, and video
3/5/2017: Rhythm and Ribs - Photos
3/2017: Double Life: Disguised as chefs, cashiers, servers, and childcare workers, these artists are living double lives.
3/22/2017: A squawking good time had in Fitzgerald
3/31/2017: One year, three artists for Tifton Scene
4/9/2017: Full house at ABAC Alumni Award Ceremony
Spring 2017: New Sheriffs in Town, The Real Miss America: Standing Strong in Spite of Life's Obstacles, Finding a Use for a Black Thumb: The Entrepreneurial Spirit of Christy Hulsey for My Georgia Hometown Magazine 
4/21/2017: Tea Ceremony unites Southern, Japanese culture
5/9/2017: Elephants making their way to ABAC in new documentary
5/19/2017:‘All aboard!’ as Tifton celebrates Nation Train Day
5/20/2017: Tifton Museum celebrates 20th anniversary
5/1/2017: Top 10 Under 40 for Tifton Scene
7/12/2017: Photos for 4th of July
7/17/2017: Creating to the 'Max' at Art Camp
7/19/2017: Stepping up to the lathe with the Little River Woodturners Guild

Fun stuff:
Cover Photo for My Georgia Hometown Magazine
Photos featured on Atlas Obscura 
Photos featured in article for The Hindu, includes photo of me working on the documentary
Featured on Cut Out + Keep
India in Motion
India in Motion Part II

  1. Bridges starts his 10th years as President of ABAC
  2. ABAC Homecoming Parade
  3. ABAC connects two students across the world
  4. Oscar nominations cause racial controversy
  5. Upcoming Pegasus Submission
  6. Han Solo, Katniss and others set to return in 2015
  7. Student essay published in state magazine
  8. Wisecrack makes learning fun and unique
  9. Remembering skateboard legend Jay Adams
  10. A last lesson from Robin Williams: Notice each other
  11. Rate My Professor helps students choose teachers
  12. College all around better experience than high school
  13. Top apps for editing Vines
  14. Internships provide quality experience in the real world
  15. How to go viral in 5 easy steps
  16. Bringing back classic kid activities
  17. Reading list: The best books for the summer of 2014
  18. Spring commencement includes over 300 graduates
  19. Since you've been gone
  20. Pacesetters paving the way for ABAC
  21. Fine arts students hold art show
  22. Photographing the Humans of New York
  23. Fall semester brings all new editors to The Stallion
  24. 'Instructions Not Included' perfect for Saturday evening
  25. Students thrive in careers after Rural Studies program
  26. Answering ABAC's biggest question: What is Rural Studies?
  27. 'Ask a Slave' YouTube channel sheds light on ignorance
  28. Flappy Bird can make people reconsider life
  29. The Stallion receives awards at Athens conference
  30. Great movies that will entertain viewers for Valentine's Day
  31. Feel Like Oprah Day the new age Valentine's Day
  32. Stallion DIY: Window Clings
  33. YMCA and ABAC a great combination for students
  34. 'Hollow City' filled with boring and hollow storyline
  35. Lemony Snicket continues to excite readers around the world
  36. Regional police academy graduates future police officers
  37. Luther Reeves: Someone who never gave up on his dreams
  38. Photos from Elementary Day at ABAC
  39. Novel Thoughts: Writing seems like such an easy thing
  40. One long drive: the cell phone sirens and the innocent dead
  41. Pegasus reading celebrates the value of banned books
  42. 'The 5th Wave' delights readers with a post apocalyptic tale
  43. 'The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones' veers from book and upsets fans
  44. Letter from the Editor: Shelby Evans says goodbye
  45. Over 75 bands play at Shaky Knees Festival
  46. Best Homecoming Week Ever
  47. Ag Awareness Day
  48. Life on Air: Two hosts, one journalist, four hours in the world of radio
  49. The Stallion reads regional award, goes on to national competition
  50. THE TRUMP EXPERIENCE: A letter to Trump supporters
  51. The Stallion wins big at newspaper conference, takes home 13 awards in Athens
  52. Rural Studies offers new degree in community health
  53. The editor responds to Golden's departure
  54. French zombies have returned to Sundance
  55. Why we didn't run the name
  56. Why we are talking about sexual assault
  57. Muskogee tribal historian teaches about native culture at the Native American Symposium
  58. Politics online versus politics in real life
  59. ‘Literature of Rural America’ class takes a field trip: A look inside the life of Flannery O’Connor
  60. ‘Westworld’: Wild West of Modern Television
  61. Rural Studies students visit Tama Tribal Town
  62. Behind the lens: a photographer's perspective

The above links were for The Stallion at Abraham Baldwin Agriculural College. 
Bolded titles are cover stories.
See my tag on The Stallion website // See my online portfolio

More fun stuff
Published in the Tifton Gazette, "Local gallery attracts artist to display fine art"


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