Outfit # 77: We are the river

outfit number 77
I feel closely related to several places in Georgia. I never felt like I had a hometown. There is only where I am and where I once was. It is an abstraction. So I like to go back and visit those places. There’s the place I went to elementary school, the place where I went to 6th grade. The place I went to high school and the place I went to college. I like to see the places I once existed in and every time I go back they are different. You know the phrase. You never step in the same river twice. And here are these physical locations that are, in a very real way, flowing.

Reflecting on my relationships to spaces and time makes me think of Dr. Manhattan. So smart. So blue. And with a completely different concept of time. He exists everywhere all at once. To be able to hold on to this concept was the greatest gift given to me from reading Watchmen. Recently the concept of time fluidity, (that we aren’t just one place in the river, we are the river) has reappeared in popular culture in Arrival.

To exist all at once without the constraints of big hands and little hands on clock faces.
To know the future and not change a thing.
That's the biggest internal struggle people might face when approached with this concept.
Louise Banks knows the future and doesn’t change a thing.
Dr. Manhattan fights against what he knows will inevitably happen.
But he performs as he always knew he would.
Isn’t this predestination minus heaven and hell? We like to believe if we knew the future we might change it for the better. But if we exist all at once, we exist prior, during, and after every event in our lives. There is no changing it.

Listen to this: Where do I begin by The Chemical Brothers (spotify/youtube)

Also, I always love the blue people.
Mystique. Beast. Dr. Manhattan. Nightcrawler. 
   outfit number 77outfit number 77 outfit number 77 outfit number 77 outfit number 77 
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