Travel: Bellingrath Gardens

Mobile, AL
I want to make the world better and brighter by my being here. - W. Bellingrath
Mobile, AL
Mobile, AL
These Gardens were my wife’s dream, and I want to live to see that dream come true. 
- W. Bellingrath
Mobile, ALMobile, ALMobile, AL
"As the economic depression worsened, friends quietly kept Mrs. Bellingrath aware of families in need. She would appear, checkbook in hand, begging for an azalea, camellia or whatever bloom she saw in the family yard. She would convince the stunned homeowner that Bellingrath Gardens had been unable to locate one and then offer hundreds of dollars in an era when the U.S. Government declared that $25 per week was a comfortable income. She told a flower shop owner that her crocheted afghans were the most handsome she had seen and offered her $100 each for a dozen, knowing the money would put the woman’s niece in college, which it did."
Mobile, ALMobile, ALMobile, AL
"I shall always think of you wandering through a lovely garden,
Like that which you fashioned with your own hands,
Where flowers never fade and no cold wind of sorrow,
Blights our hopes and plans—And on your face,
The peace of one whose whole life through,
Walked with God.
– Your devoted husband"
Mobile, ALMobile, ALMobile, ALMobile, ALMobile, ALMobile, ALMobile, AL
Read the complete story of the Bellingrath's here.
Mobile, AL


  1. Wow, that looks like amazing place. I need to visit some gardens too.


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