Outfit # 71: Magnets from Everywhere

Outfit # 71 Outfit # 71
Recognize this Austin, Texas sweatshirt as a homage to a period of my life where I bought the ugliest tourist trap clothing item everywhere I went. I have so many Savannah, GA t-shirts it is genuinely embarrassing. Most of them are embroidered which only adds to my shame.

A while back I decided to switch up my souvenir game and collect magnets instead. This means I have one well-traveled refrigerator. A baguette magnet from Paris, See Rock City’s classic red bird house from Tennessee bordered by Ruby Falls and Athena, mini oil paintings from the High in Atlanta, a postage shaped magnet from New York, one hibiscus from the Bahamas, a re-creation of a palace in Bengaluru, India with an ever-present cow just starting to wander in. 

Then there are the magnets that have not yet made their way to the fridge – a lizard from Orlando, a leaping black Stallion from Antigua, a cartoon flag from Puerto Rico, a cheesy collage magnet from St. Martin, an old looking print magnet from St. Lucia, a boat from Lake George, NY, peace, love & sandy feet from Topsail, NC and of course one historical themed magnet from Savannah. 

Collected over centuries, by myself and by my family, they do depict us as wanderers.
I wonder what it would be like to collect commemorative magnets for feelings. 

A black hole magnet when I reached a new low.

A primary colored kite magnet for when I reached a new high.

A slobber covered shoe magnet for when I put my foot in my mouth.

A cartoon nose with piercings magnet for when I realized I got my nose pierced for me – my one big, open selfish act.

A small mirror magnet for when I have had to face the consequences of my own decisions, good and bad. 

Because where we travel goes beyond physical place. Think of the journeys you have experienced in your own mind. The growth and the quick slips into a big, mud-filled ditches. I’ve been to both but I’m disappointed in the lack commemorative objects to display these experiences. They are just as worthwhile as a trip to the Virgin Islands. They are ugly sometimes and stupid and foolish and bright and enlightening. Just as enlightening as when on one of the islands I saw a man standing with a machete in his hand glaring at our tourist bus and the realization struck that maybe tourists aren’t the silver wrapped and bow-topped gifts the brochures ensure. That maybe we weren’t good for this island.

I would like to show off the magnets that represent the worst moments of my life and magnets that represent the best and magnets that represent the realizations I have had, all sprinkled in between baguettes and leaping stallions because then I would have proof. Proof that says, Yes, I have been there.

Outfit # 71
I wanted to go with a Keep Austin Weird vibe so I mixed prints and threw in odd accessories and layers to make a subtle strange look. Bicycle print, short sleeve button up, printed leggings, and knit hat all hail from TJ MAXX. My souvenir sweater is a product of some forgettable souvenir store in Austin. The skeleton necklace was a Wal-Mart holiday special. Sunglasses from Amazon. 


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