Outfit # 70: Welcome to the Capri

Outfit # 70 Outfit # 70I lost the theatre. I had to circle behind the Subway and Verizon store until I saw it peeking behind the auto parts store. How does a movie theatre close? Based on the size of the building there are maybe two screens in it, and that’s an optimistic estimate. But I love the face of it – with a lifted ceiling and huge bulbs that I can almost reach from the entrance where the ceiling and the slope to the ticket booth reach their closest point. One ticket booth. Inside the glass are letters for the sign out front and now ironic sun bleached stickers as well as your standard abandoned movie theatre accessories.

I love the theatre. The previews are my favorite part where you get a glimpse of what the best of movie magic can create. Complicated story lines, buildings bursting into flame, couples dancing in unconventional places, Dennis Quaid reuniting with his long lost dog whose soul has transferred itself into a new dog. Magic. There are some things that can only happen in a movie theatre.

So there is something poetic and pathetic about a closed movie theatre. I am both filled with whimsy and despair when I pass the closed Capri. Art moves people. Think about all the emotion that little building held. People laughing, crying, being held tightly by suspense. All that energy, now wisps.Outfit # 70 Outfit # 70 Outfit # 70 Outfit # 70
This is my standard casual Monday outfit. A few layers if there’s a chill. Baseball tees will forever be my favorite, especially this one from Shaky Knees Fest. It’s so soft I could cry. Ripped vans and a grandpa sweater to round everything out. But we all know the real star here: blue reflective shades with a silver topped frame. 

Outfit # 70


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