Book & Nail: Dry by Augusten Burroughs

Book & Nail: Dry
Try sobriety with Augusten Burroughs in his 2003 NYT bestseller Dry.  The memoir documents his functioning alcoholism turned dysfunctional sobriety. As always, Burroughs is blunt. Those familiar with his memoir turned movie Running with Scissors know well his direct punch writing style. He isn’t intentionally scandalous or sensational, he is telling the truth. The truth is biting, exposing all the sensitive fleshy bits people usually attempt to cover or bury. This is the most attractive quality of Burroughs writing: honesty without ulterior motive. Readers are not asked to sympathize or care.  He exposes himself as a walking wreck anticipating the next collision but is never prepared for it.

These is no such thing as taboo with Burroughs. Growing up in a world of censorship where every person should know how to act – it’s fascinating to know the people who are an anomaly. And Burroughs communicates his life through full spectrum color. Integrating the daily life of an advertising agent, memories of his childhood, and the clich√© phrases AA echoes should not work. It should be a pile of minutiae. This is Burroughs talent. Letting readers into his mind and life and somehow organizing it.

Go to rehab, avoid bars, meet crack addicts and former crack addicts, fall in love, un-fall in love, clean up, make a mess, brainstorm new advertisements, remember addict parents, and see what is possible with the uninhibited Augusten Burroughs in Dry

To mimic the cover of the book I wanted to do smoke patterns. I wanted to try this method but settled on water marbling instead. 

Using Butter London's Chocka and a clear coat, I dropped alternating layers in water and then quickly swirled the colors together to create smoke patterns. For some nails, I did this twice to have layered prints. 

If I wanted the purple to be deeper in color, I added more drops of it to my water. 

When I was done I used gold embellishments to follow the curves of the pattern as an accent.

Click here to see everything about water marbling nails and this video series on how to cheat water marble.

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Book & Nail: Dry Book & Nail: Dry Book & Nail: Dry


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