Outfit # 68: Don't Tell

outfit # 68
Inspired by a fusion of Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead and the classic 90s alt girl, this look had me feeling like a John Hughes villain. I should have been smoking in the bathroom and shoving nerds into lockers. In truth this is my Nana’s jacket, a shirt from a music festival and DIY shorts from Goodwill. And my Vans. My precious worn out vans. And that spirit of making fashion from what’s around and available is the kind of alt/rebel look not only of the 80s and 90s, but of every time ever.

I mentioned getting new Vans to a friend since the ones I have are coming apart and she mentioned that she thought that it was kind of like an aesthetic choice to wear tattered kicks. And you know what? It totally is. I don’t like my Vans fresh out of the box. That’s not when I fall in love. When they fade and stain and wear down, that’s when they’re my kicks, for real. There’s a rebel attitude in there somewhere. When we think about things wearing out, we think they lose value. But by actively choosing to believe the opposite about my shoes, it’s kind of sticking it to the man.

Rebel attitude, and how it is accomplished in fashion, has always been a fascination for me. Clothes have always been a way for me to explore different facets of my personality. This overly confident, scrappy tough girl has been a recurring character in my wardrobe for a while. There’s a certain amount of confidence that goes into wearing contrasts and scraps. For instance, wearing a well-tailored jacket with shredded shorts. I am really attracted to that character because it is confident and it is so unbounded.

Also I would like to point out that for the past year I have been telling people shoulder pads are going to come back in style. And look here! I like the linebacker shoulder, but then again I didn’t grow up in the 80s. I’ve thrifted several pieces this year with shoulder pads and have debated cutting them out, but now I’m glad I kept them. It’s cool to live through fashion revivals, especially when you weren’t alive during their heyday.
outfit # 68 outfit # 68
outfit # 68
outfit # 68 outfit # 68 outfit # 68


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