Outfit # 66: Motion Sickness

Outfit # 66This semester has felt like someone has dragged me onto a roller coaster and strapped me in before I could say “HOLD UP.” I can feel the motion of time hurtling me toward deadlines I am only somewhat prepared for. There are dips and dives and I can even see the rest of the ride before I go screaming over it. 
I’m getting motion sickness at my desk just thinking about it.

Luckily though, every now and then, I can see the platform. Soon enough the attendant will come by to lift up the safety bar, give me approval to exit, and I’ll be on the graduation stage getting my fake rolled up diploma symbolic of my real diploma. And let me tell you, I am ready to get off this ride. Ready for that big, fat document that will prove I am a smart cookie to employers and graduate schools.

I don’t typically get the anxious, get-it-over-with feeling, but I feel it for real right now. I’m hyped up and excited. I keep imagining graduation day and I start tearing up. Cause gosh darn it I have worked hard. I am still working hard. I’ve never wanted an opportunity given to me during school to be wasted and I have been careful to choose those opportunities wisely. Even in my classes now I’m thinking about how assignments can go farther (can this be published?).

I’m glad for the classes I’m in and the people who are helping me along the way. 
It is half way through the semester, half way through this roller coaster track. The last of the loops and dips and coming and one then one final swoosh. Soon enough I’ll coast back to the platform, the attendant will tell me I’m allowed to exit my seat and I’ll move on to my next destination.Outfit # 66 Outfit # 66 Outfit # 66Outfit # 66 Outfit # 66 Outfit # 66 Outfit # 66


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