Book & Nail: Room by Emma Donoghue

Paint Drip Nails
Paint Drip Nails
What you need: white nail polishblue glitter polishdotting tool

How to: Apply white base coat. This is one of the most opaque white nail polishes I have ever used. One coat was almost enough. I probably did two coats out of habit and not necessity. 

Using the brush in the blue polish I drew a line across the top of my nail as a base to come back to. Then I dipped the dotting tool in the glitter and placed the dot where I wanted the drip to end. I dragged the dotting tool back to the baseline. 

I found that using my nail brush to connect the dot and baseline was easier than using the dotting tool. The dotting tool gave me the shape I wanted for the drip. This blue polish is also thick, so it created a 3D effect on my nails, which I liked. 
Paint Drip Nails Paint Drip Nails Paint Drip Nails Paint Drip Nails

I stumbled across Room by Emma Donoghue during a routine scan at the not-so-local bookstore and thought I'd give it a shot – especially after seeing the film based on the book nominated for an Oscar.

From the Wikipedia summary: 
"The story is told from the perspective of a five-year-old boy, Jack, who is being held captive in a small room along with his mother."

That line is all you need to know to become invested in this story. It is Jack's perspective on a dark, manipulative, and truly repulsive situation that makes this story readable and interesting. More than that, his perspective alone raises new insights on what the human experience is like. 

Imagine growing up in one room. Imagine it is all that you know. Suddenly, everything outside of it, everything we know, seems incomprehensibly big. Our “outside” world seems downright strange.

Donoghue has opened the window to a new view on what we consider mundane. The situation of the story in some ways only provides the context and availability of her ideas. In what other situation would it be possible to do what she has done? She makes the perspective approachable by wrapping it in a situation we are, unfortunately, familiar with – even if that familiarity is distant. 

It is Jack’s perspective and understanding that keeps the reader pushing through the circumstances and hoping.

While I struggled through the situation, living through it through Jack’s eyes kept me moving forward. I wanted him to see the world. I wanted him to know what was real. Donoghue managed to magically capture the psyche of a 5 year-old without making him seem flat, vapid or annoying. That, to me, is very much a success.

Read Room with the expectation to see the world differently when you finish it. To see it again, for the first time. 



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