outfit 56: ouija peasy

    The best part of wearing a Ouija board shirt is how people choose to interact with it. It's like a competition for who can find the cleverest way to work it into a conversation. I freaking love this shirt. But to make it extra spooky, you know, for the season, I paired it with this extraordinarily difficult skirt. I've held on to this thing for... a year or so and this is the first time I've worn it. What the heck do you wear with a mid-length, silk, floral skirt? I had to hike it up to make the proportions right. Actually, that's the same story for these tights. They were ripped and shredded so I ripped them more. And of course a sick boot to make an outfit more aggressive. A perfectly spooky outfit for any time of year, if you ask me. 

skirt: thrifted, shirt: burger and friends, tights/boots old, purse: TJ Maxx


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