Outfit # 55: My Neighborhood

    Amidst chasing elephants and photographing every possible detail of southern India I dreamt of this outfit. Maybe three weeks of limited wardrobe (and washing machines?) has you re-imagining every item in your closet. I couldn't help being inspired by fashion in India. Women are draped and gilded and braided with flowers dangling from their pony tails. Men are pressed and sandaled and wear what American's might see as skirts. And even though it's all on the same planet - India was a different world from my own. How relieving - to visit a place that makes you re-conceptualize almost everything. People always talk about how good traveling is, and I've never disagreed, but you realize how malleable the ideals are that operate within. Seeing beauty, fashion, and etiquette (among many other things) redefined is making me realize the very few of the rules we've constructed actually matter... Anyway, more thoughts on India and lots of photos are coming up. There are so many adventures to retell.
Totoro Totoro


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