What's Happening...

What's up party people. It has been a good minute. In the past month or so my Nana has moved to a assisted living home to get the care she needs and deserves, I have completed one more semester of college this time with all As, I have been through emotional roller coasters, and I have completed another (mini) internship. It has been a whirlwind, and I need us all to get back caught up. Here's a what I've been into recently.

Anticipating: Christmas. I was wise with my pennies this year, so I'm going big and fun for Christmas. I'm more stoked for the things I'm going to make. I have a list of "to make" gifts and I'm pumped about all of them. Also it looks like my brother will be chilling with us a little longer. Christmas this year is a little bittersweet with how the year has been, but I think it'll be a good one. 

Reading: I read Amy Poehler's Yes Please. I enjoyed it. It was just a little choppy. I like books broken into thoughtful sections, quotes to live by, and anecdotes, but it was all of that plus some. Poehler says over and over how difficult it is to write a book in the book. I realize how that might affect how people see books. They aren't magically *poof*ed into existence, one person and a whole team work diligently to make a book happen. Which is pretty cool and pretty daunting. 

Working on: Getting some DIY posts together. I decorated a dorm for some friends at the paper for a DIY segment and I did tons of projects, so I think I'll do a whole compilation post for last minute, easy peasy Christmas decoration projects. 

Obsessing over: TwoDots. And Sailor Moon Crystal. I made the mistake of binge watching the entire series. Now I have to wait for new episodes to come out. This is torture. I really like the new series, animation and story line, but sometimes their arms in the transformation sequences look like their missing, like, bones. Now I'll have to go back to the original series until the next episode comes out. 


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