Outfit # 52: Librarian Vibes

    Here we go into the Tennessee pictures. These were taken in a scenic graveyard where the oldest graves in our family are. However this graveyard wasn't their original location. The graves were moved when a dam was built in town. The land our family owned is now underwater. Although we're a bit skeptical that everyone/everything was moved. By the way, visiting this grave was a part of my mom's genealogy interests. My mom works on discovering things about our family history for a lot of reasons, including that it's freakin' sweet to know our history. So while I don't have a natural understanding of our family history like my mom does, I still like knowing that these people, these lives existed and were a part of my own creation. And they deserve recognition from me for that.
    For the first two days of the week, mom and I would be elbow deep in archive records. Deeds, marriages, deaths, court cases... Okay, so it was mainly my mom elbow deep in records. I basically sat around and read and computed. But, to match the archive theme I dressed in my best "hip librarian" attire. The dress and sweater were both gifts for my 20th birthday. The shoes I gifted to myself. I've always been a bit wary of tall shoes, but these things rock. I brought sandals with me to change into when my feet started hurting... but my feet never hurt. It was awesome. The crochet and color combination make me so happy and I'm glad my feet aren't in total shambles from wearing these shoes. 
sweater and dress - belk // shoes - goody's // earrings - local shop


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