A day in the archives

    So I'm not a huge genealogy person, like I have previously mentioned, but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate it. So one day Mom dug through the archives in Smith County where my grandfather was born and raised. Also, fun fact, Al Gore's family is from there and guess what? We're related. Like 23rd cousins or something, but still! So anyway, mom dug through the archives and I roamed about. While we were there we met John Waggoner a local historian and also, you may have guessed, another relative (!!!). We never met before, so it was pretty cool. My mom had used some of his work to further her own research. He has photographed dozens of graves of relatives, which provide valuable for genealogists. While in the archives my mom was able to hold, in her hands, my 5th great-grandfathers last will. 


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