Weekend Update

Wellp. I caved. My best friend called me yesterday to tell me he got an instagram. So I got one. Right now, I'm jamming to this. In relation, I've been continually inspired by this woman. She just started slam poetry and I cannot wait to read or hear what she has written. I am in perpetual awe of her writing and honesty. Currently eating a delicious cupcake from here. If there's one near you be sure to get the bacon cupcake. And for all the redditors out there, this is currently my favorite subreddit. I check it like 3 times a day. Lastly, make your internet surfing better for the world by using Tab for a Cause. They just did a big redesign and it looks way better. It has ads on it, so when you open a tab the ad revenue goes to a charity, you can decide which.

Be blessed, fellow wanderers!



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