Achievement Unlocked: 50 Outfit Posts

    As I have barely found my footing on the internet, I find this achievement unbelievable for two reasons: 1.) I can't believe it's already fifty! and 2.) How is it only fifty? I've questioned the whole outfit photo thing. I thought it might be superficial and found that people tend to focus less on my words and more on my clothing. I didn't like that and wanted to punch myself for thinking it would be otherwise. I was going to stop taking photos of me and my clothes, because really, it is ridiculous. But then I looked through old pictures. Pictures from before I had a blog. There I stood in clothes that I liked, fully edited photographs, that would eventually become a MySpace profile picture (lol). I've been doing this a long time. And I've grown a lot. In a way, I'm tracking my progress.
    My photos are getting better, my outfits are getting more complex and maybe a bit more bold. I write a lot. A paragraph here or there adds up after a while. I'm defining my own space and creating my own fashion catalog, one that is a bit more curvy than the ads or photo shoots in fashion magazines. What's even more interesting, is that in a way I'm building confidence in myself. Confidence is something everyone struggles with, and having these permanent portraits up for scrutiny is of little to no concern to me. It's weird. Like I still have a daily struggle with insecurity, but I also keep doing this thing, displaying myself, without very much concern. I don't know why. I guess because I feel obligated to. Because I've always wanted to push myself, and this is the perfect, safest outlet.

Anyway, here's a little questionnaire all about my personal style choices, something that I surprisingly don't talk about much.

What is your favorite outfit that you have right now?
This one is definitely a favorite. I had to restrain myself from wearing it every day of fall and winter. It has those hardcore, tough chick vibes with a flowy dress. Also, btw, my favorite dress. I got it a vintage store for 5 bucks. No lie.

If you could hire any fashion designer to create a whole wardrobe for you who would it be and why?
Mondo. He was my favorite Project Runway contestant and he's also super clever and colorful.

What are your top 5 (or more if you want) essential clothing staples?
Black boots, grey/neutral opaque tights, flowy skirt, colorful shoes, cool shades.

Is there any person or character who’s style you really admire?
Every character in The Fall and Pan's Labyrinth.

Is there a certain city or country who you think has great style?
India. The colors! The culture!

Which colors/patterns do you love to wear the most?
I tend to gravitate toward natural colors, mostly tan and black. But I like to embrace the rainbow. Floral patterns and optical illusion patters (checkers/stripes) are my favorites.

Any trends you wish were never created?

What do you think are the best trends ever?
Choker necklaces, skater skirts, ethereal gauze dresses, bold patterns.

Do you have any clothing goals right now? (ex. your currently saving up for a D&G dress)
Lol. I'm not that high fashion. Right now I'm wanting to tie-dye a collard shirt for layering, hem a dress I've been meaning to hem for months, and make a beaded crop-top t-shirt for fun. I live that DIY fashion lifestyle.

Which clothes from what decade or era do you think should make a comeback?
90's dresses, long and short.

Why do you like fashion?
It's a wearable form of expression and creativity and art.


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