Outfit # 47: Azaleas

    Cuffing my trousers have been a bit revolutionary in my wardrobe. It has redefined outfits. A little cuff here and there can make a outfit more summer and less formal. Also I accidentally bought two pairs of pants that were too short. How I didn't notice in the store I have no idea, so I had to come up with a way to make them more socially acceptable. Now I cuff everything, even the hem of shirts. 
    Have I mentioned my new found appreciation of socks? I used to be anti-socks, anti-shoes, anti-footwear when I was little. (I'm southern, what did you expect?) It has taken me awhile to gain appreciation for socks. Sure the fuzzy and fanciful ones are nice, but I need a little bit of practicality. Now I'm wearing holes into my bright pink and blue socks and praying that polka dot socks are immortal, or at least friction resistant. And... when I was taking these photos a lady bug landed on me, so I'm basically snow white. 


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