Outfit # 46: Predictability

     This is my graduation dress. I wore it when I graduated high school even though we were supposed to wear white. #rebel I loved this dress so much that I wore several time after graduating to the point that it smelled terrible. But, no worries, one quick wash and it was approved by all olfactory organs. 
     This dress, nor the person wearing, could imagine the future. I never can, unfortunately and thank goodness. So I would have never imagined this dress hanging in the closet in my Papa's study. I would never have imagined working from the bar in my Nana's house. I could have never seen myself at the college I'm at now. It's so strange. I want to have some sort of predictability in my future, but nothing I imagine comes to fruition. If it does, it does in an unexpected and strange way. Sometimes I use this power for good though. If I imagine natural disasters and horrible accidents, they won't actually happen. Just doing my part to protect the universe, really. 
    Anyway, I'm just thinking about how people always say, "live in the now." Even though everything I do is to ensure my future. And besides I don't have any other option for living anyway. 
dress - Wal-Mart // shoes - modcloth // necklace and socks - gifts


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