Outfit # 42: Transitory State

    Something about the transitory months get me all witchy and spiritual. Suddenly, everything seems connected and meaningful. A ring around the moon means trouble on the horizon, not light being refracted through ice crystals. It rains so I can jump into puddles to be reconnected with the best parts of my elementary self. Night breezes carry soft whispers that move through loose strands of my hair. I see shadows standing in the field next to my house while walking my dogs. Birds beady eyes follow me curiously. Am I looking for such incidents or are they just happening, as they always do? Is this reality? Don't lose me here, I have firm grasp, but the brain can't be all hard work and computations. I have to see something, believe something deeper. It hits me hardest during the fall and spring. Where everything is in flux, so am I.
top - Goody's // slip - Bealls // skirt - ??? // shoes - TJ Maxx // purse - Goody's // earrings - local shop


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